Previous Big Salute charities

Supporting great causes

We want to thank and show the love to our previous Big Salute charities who've done amazing work, aiding and helping the whole forces community - we are blown away with their efforts!

Here are a few of those amazing charities and what they do...

Dame Agnes Weston's Royal Charity for the Naval Service.

Aggie Weston's

Help serving members and their families by providing pastoral support around the country to enable families to stay connected through projects.

Army Widows’ Association.

Army Widows’ Association

They offer comfort, support and friendship to the widows and widowers of service men and women. We awarded the team £5k to help fund Post Lockdown Respite Weekends.

Blesma, The Limbless Veterans.

Blesma, The Limbless Veterans

The only national Armed Forces Charity that supports limbless veterans for the duration of their lives. We gave £5k to help fund new virtual at-home/online physical activities.

Blind Veterans UK.

Blind Veterans UK

They help ex-Service men and women of every generation rebuild their lives after sight loss. We awarded the team £10k to provide specialist equipment to blind RAF veterans.



They provide support to Veterans in Scotland through their care homes and Veterans Village. We awarded £5k to fund recreational materials and equipment for their Activities Centre.

The Felix Fund.

Felix Fund

Provides welfare support and financial assistance to serving personnel, veterans and their dependents for any military or SO15 personnel, who have conducted or assisted with EOD and search duties.

Firstlight Trust.

Firstlight Trust

By helping former veterans get back on their feet, they are able to prove to them they aren’t alone or too different to fit into civilian society.

Help 4 Homeless Veterans.

Help 4 Homeless Veterans

They help homeless personnel by providing a wraparound service of care and more sustainable accommodation for those who previously were living in inadequate accommodation.

Home-Start Hampshire.

Home-Start Hampshire

They support forces families, both veteran and serving, who are experiencing isolation - each family is matched with a local volunteer to help integration with the local community.

Horseback UK.

Horseback UK

Using horsemanship and outdoor activities, they deliver programmes that encourage their participants to acquire new coping strategies, life skills and build lasting resilience.



They provide injured troops with memorable, adrenalin packed experiences through racing and socialising, something they never thought they could do again.



They provide accommodation and support to help veterans make a successful transition from military to civilian life. We gave the team £9,100 to help fund their Homeless Veterans’ Cycle Club in Liverpool.

The Not Forgotten Association.

Not Forgotten Association

They help and support serving any man or woman who is wounded, injured or sick and any veteran with a disability, illness or infirmity; whatever the cause and whenever it arose.

Royal Caledonian Education Trust.

Royal Caledonian Education Trust

They support tri-service and predominantly veteran families by providing school uniforms/after-school activities, living expenses for university and basic necessities such as beds/bedroom furniture to families who cannot afford them.

Rugby for Heroes.

Rugby for Heroes

The team work with the rugby community to raise funds and awareness for military personnel who are making the transition to civilian life. We awarded £5k which will help fund their Rugby Coaching Course.

Turn to Starboard.

Turn to Starboard

They support serving and retired Armed Forces personnel, and their families, who have been affected by military operations.

UK Veterans Hearing Foundation.

UK Veterans Hearing Foundation

They aim to make the very best equipment and care available to veterans of all services who suffer with hearing loss. We gave them £5k to help combat social isolation & provide specialist hearing equipment.

Veterans In Action.

Veterans In Action

They help veterans and their families grow through being involved in adventurous activities, projects and expeditions.

Veterans in Communities.

Veterans in Communities

They support those who have served and their families who have or are having difficulties with returning to civilian life. We gave them £2,953 to host a new social group for veterans in the Metropolitan Borough of Middleton.

War Widows’ Association.

War Widows’ Association

They are for widows and widowers of Armed Forces Personnel where death has been caused by or hastened by service. We gave them £5k to help fund a special lunch for their 50th Anniversary.

Waterloo Uncovered.

Waterloo Uncovered

Working in partnership with some of Europe’s top universities, a team of archaeologists, veterans and serving soldiers they aim to understand war and its impact on people — and to educate the public about it.

Big Salute 2021 charities

Some of the charities have been speaking to us about how the money they were given has benefited the people they look after.

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BFBS Brunei Gurkha presenters, Soniya and Arati, completed their ‘8km Forced March’ with 10kg on their back raising £1377 for The Big Salute.

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