Broadcasting and media for the armed forces

two soldiers

BFBS is the home of UK entertainment, news, music and information for our military audience.

Our services broadcast and stream across all platforms: TV, radio and online. This ensures we provide people with a connection to home and a sense of community, even in remote locations.

Whether they are in Kathmandu, Brunei or the Falkland Islands, we can give people the latest news from back home and around the world, as well as favourite TV shows, live sport, box sets, movies, radio programmes and more.


Our armed forces do a tough job – sometimes in the harshest of environments – so we give something back by providing them with opportunities to unwind, be it with an episode of EastEnders, a Premiership football match or a new cinema release.

The impact that our service has on the morale and mental health of the military community cannot be overestimated. And, it is thanks to our cutting-edge technology that we can bring people together and give them a comforting link to the UK.

soldiers listening to radio

Dedicated to the armed forces’ enjoyment, we constantly develop technology that gives them better, faster and more convenient ways to engage with our services.

Our digital and social media channels offer even more ways for people to stay in touch and build connections with like-minded people.