MiPlayer interface

Our services have an incredible impact on the wellbeing of tens of thousands of serving military and their families. This drives us to continually advance our technology.

BFBS has been developing best-in-class broadcast and production technology to support the welfare of our armed forces globally for more than 75 years.

Since we need to travel to remote locations, we face problems that other broadcasters rarely come across. As a result, we are constantly ahead of the curve, and set the precedent for the broadcast industry around the globe.


Bespoke solutions for armed forces

Our MiPlayer technology was originally produced in response to requests from people deployed overseas – both at sea and on land – who wanted to receive familiar media content from back home.

Tailored to the needs of the military, MiPlayer delivers TV, radio and downloadable publications, to personal devices in remote locations, where normal internet and mobile phone services are not possible due to lack of connection.

BFBS Cinelink is an innovative movie system we have designed to give armed forces around the world the latest cinema releases.


Using innovation in installations

Our technologists never cease to think creatively to find solutions to successfully install our broadcasting equipment.

To date they have had to tackle hurdles such as equipment melting in desert conditions, and connecting regions devastated by a natural disaster.

modal screen

Production technology

BFBS technological experts also ensure our digital production suite matches industry standards, enabling the production teams to create content for our Forces TV channel and our clients.

Another unique area of our technology is MODAL (the Ministry of Defence Archive Library). We run a state-of-the-art database that hosts a vast digital archive of historical and current military content.

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