Historic and current military footage

Contemporary military footage for media professionals

BFBS runs MODAL, the Ministry of Defence Archive Library, which is a growing digital archive of contemporary military footage for media professionals.

This remarkable bank of material has access to footage gathered over the last 30 years as BFBS has filmed and recorded the armed forces around the world. The archive spans some of the most momentous military events in UK history – from the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Gulf War, the Balkans conflict and the intervention in Kosovo, to the 2003 Iraq War, and Operation Herrick in Afghanistan.

Each day we are adding new content, ensuring our library is always relevant. Both the armed forces and non-military organisations use this unique collection of content for projects including TV programming, social media, training and command information messaging.

Older material stored on tapes and discs is gradually being digitised to ensure its preservation. However, the MODAL state-of-the-art online system offers users an easy way to source digital content, whether its video, audio, images and documents.

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