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What can you achieve when you pair BFBS MiPlayer and OneWeb? 

The new MiPlayer Edge hub (pictured left) which delivers content to multiple personal devices – such as iPads – in a given location.  Credit: ‘Robert Weideman, Schmooly’

BFBS and OneWeb are technology innovators who combine to great effect. OneWeb’s LEO satellite capability delivers many new opportunities for connectivity, and BFBS has 80 years of experience in delivering welfare media services to the UK armed forces globally, on land and at sea. 

Connecting people in remote environments

Our BFBS services and technology help the armed forces around the world.

BFBS Media Innovation designs leading-edge broadcast and communication solutions for some of the most remote and hostile environments in the world.

Armed forces, government and not-for-profit call on our unique set of skills to connect isolated communities.

MiPlayer is one such example. Evolved in response to a request from the Royal Navy to give those serving on ships more reliable access to media content from the UK, the platform is now used by thousands of people deployed worldwide.

Responding to changing needs

BFBS connects the armed forces, wherever they are, with life back home.

Over time we have adapted to the changing needs of the armed forces worldwide.

As well as delivering media to those deployed overseas in areas without internet, we can also support skills development and the cascading of information where people do not have access to traditional channels.

With all this potential in mind, it makes sense for our team to continue developing the solution. While the basic, early version of MiPlayer remains widely in use, we are working to enhance the technology and provide the full functionality of conventional TV.

We are different because:

  • Our engineers have more than 75 years experience designing and delivering communication solutions in challenging environments, from the desert in Iraq to the mountains in Nepal
  • As technologists, we are constantly problem-solving. To connect our forces located in hard-to-reach places, we have solved never-before-seen problems caused by poor infrastructure, legacy WiFi networks and unsecure internet service providers (ISPs)
  • No two installations are the same. We listen carefully to our customers and audiences and match their needs to bespoke solutions

Supporting the Royal Navy

BFBS connects and supports the Royal Navy around the world.

MiPlayer was developed in response to the Royal Navy request to give people on board better access to much-needed entertainment and information back home. We designed a solution that used WiFi, instead of the internet, to stream TV and radio. This made it a lot more reliable.

The first ever land trial in Jebel Sahara, Morocco, generated outstanding feedback; almost everyone using the service told us about its positive impact on their welfare, reducing feelings of isolation.

MiPlayer is now in use on virtually all of the UK Royal Navy, Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships and several military locations across the globe.

Reaching thousands of people

MiPlayer user interface

Once just a nice-to-have, MiPlayer has grown into technology that is in huge demand among our military.

From the first installation for the Royal Navy, we are now connecting thousands of people deployed abroad to radio, TV, including up to seven-day catch up, and on-demand downloadable content - magazines, newspapers, periodicals and training.

Learn how MiPlayer has become an important part of the Deployed Welfare Package and continues to be rolled out with Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ) and Joint Forces Command (JFC) in military locations worldwide.

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