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Supporting the armed forces

Our BFBS services help support the armed forces around the world with media, entertainment and communication.

While supporting the UK armed forces around the world with media, entertainment and communication services through our contract with the Ministry of Defence, we also provide the armed services and clients in the UK and abroad with specialist skills and expertise built over our 75-year history.

We are perfectly placed to meet the most challenging broadcasting, entertainment, communication and production needs.

And our proven experience at creating content for all media platforms means we are ideally placed to share our experience and skills with others.

Specialist services

Whether our clients are commercial, government or from not-for-profit sectors, they all call on our unique set of services, which go beyond broadcasting, in these three areas:

video production team

Digital and creative services

Our BFBS Creative agency produces exceptional, award-winning content for and with our clients.

Content that informs, entertains, engages and connects audiences of all ages across the globe.

Our BFBS Academy offers a broad range of vocational training.

Training and development

Our BFBS Academy offers a broad range of vocational training, from a Production Managers course for service leavers, to online social media training for military spouses.

We also provide digital communications, media production and media skills training for the Ministry of Defence, the government, UK charities and defence companies.

With our BFBS MiPlayer we can provide entertainment to armed forces around the world.

Pioneering technical solutions and platforms

Through our BFBS Media Innovation we've been dedicated to advancing our technology attracts governmental, corporate and humanitarian clients who need to connect with people and communities in the hardest-to-reach places.

What our clients say

Other services for our armed forces

In addition to our media, entertainment and communications services, we remain committed to offering our forces other award-winning services, including live military events, which we produce and deliver worldwide.

Originating from the Second World War to help raise the morale of the UK armed forces in the UK and overseas, our BFBS Cinemas also continue to entertain the UK armed forces, their families and friends.

And the Movie Machine, a unique mobile cinema that BFBS runs in partnership with Sky Cinema, is available to the armed forces and their families for special movie screenings and events.

Beyond that our Cinelink service takes the cinema experience to forces, even in remote locations.

Get your message heard by the forces world with our BFBS Messaging service.

BFBS Messaging

Want to get your message heard by the forces world? Whether you're helping, informing or supporting, we'll get your message to the right people! 

For everyone interested in the military

And our armed forces, their families and veterans – and anyone interested in keeping in touch with the work of our services – can access the best military stories and news on our Forces YouTube channel and forces.net.

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Digital military archive

Discover more about our BFBS production services and how we reach people all around the world.


Also, we are home to MODAL, the Ministry of Defence Archive Library, a vast digital archive of contemporary military footage for media professionals, which our clients can access.