About us

BFBS - A Key Partner to Defence

BFBS - A Key Partner

Unfailing support for the armed forces

BFBS is a pioneering military charity with a mission to entertain, inform, connect and champion the UK armed forces, their families and veterans.

Our armed forces do a tough yet invaluable job, often working in extreme conditions – so we believe they deserve our unfailing support.

What we do

BFBS TV gives you access to your favourite shows, wherever you are in the world.

Broadcasting around the world

The welfare of the UK armed forces is at the heart of everything we do. There’s nothing like familiar TV programmes and music from back home, and being able to engage with the huge military ‘family’ around the globe, to strengthen wellbeing. And due to over 75 years of innovating, our technology and knowledge ensures that as many people as possible have access to this powerful resource.

We broadcast to more than 20 countries worldwide and have permanently-manned studios in 10 countries, including Bahrain, Cyprus, the Falkland Islands and Canada.

Where we are

This map illustrates our global reach.

BFBS Services Overseas

Our expertise

Wherever you are in the world, BFBS will keep you in touch with what's happening back home.

Keeping you in touch with home

Thanks to our unique set of services and knowledge built up over seven decades, we’re able to reach people anywhere, even in the most extreme environments. Watching a favourite soap or a Premiership football match while deployed overseas is a powerful way of easing feelings of isolation and improving wellbeing.

Since many BFBS employees are former members of the military, we know first-hand that regularly engaging with familiar and relevant media can strengthen mental resilience and people’s ability to fulfil the demands of military jobs.

Our communications solutions and platforms, coupled with our instinct for the needs of the military community and experience in securing rights to the best entertainment and sport on UK TV, enable us to play a vital role in keeping people and families in touch with home.

From CBBC and movies to live sports and military news, we strive to offer content that appeals to all ages and interests.

Our technology

Our BFBS services and technology help the armed forces around the world.

Supporting the welfare of our armed forces

Our services have an incredible impact on the wellbeing of tens of thousands of serving military and their families. This drives us to continually advance our technology.

BFBS has been developing best-in-class broadcast and production technology to support the welfare of our armed forces globally for more than 75 years.

Since we need to travel to remote locations, we face problems that other broadcasters rarely come across. As a result, we are constantly ahead of the curve, and set the precedent for the broadcast industry around the globe.

Broadcasting and media for the armed forces

BFBS provides compelling content for the armed forces around the world.

Best of UK entertainment

BFBS is the home of UK entertainment, news, music and information for our military audience.

Whether they are in Kathmandu, Brunei or the Falkland Islands, we can give people the latest news from back home and around the world, as well as favourite TV shows, live sport, box sets, movies, radio programmes and more.

News and stories about the armed forces

BFBS provides news and stories about the armed forces.

Award-winning content

Our Forces platforms, Forces.net and Forces News You Tube, provide our own independent, award-winning news and factual content about and related to the nation’s armed forces.

These platforms are available to the public, as well as to our military community audience.

Find out more about the 75 year history of BFBS.

Our history

More than 75 years since its first broadcast from Algiers in 1943 as the British Forces Broadcasting Service, BFBS continues to serve those who serve, wherever they are, and whenever they need us.

Our services have evolved a lot since then, but our core role remains the same: to keep our armed forces, families and veterans in touch with home and with each other, and to forge and maintain a strong connection for those separated by deployment, posting and detachment.

BFBS supports the military community through a variety of charity initiatives.

Supporting the military community

Broadcasting and delivering media services to our armed forces may be our primary responsibility, but we also provide much-needed funding to support military individuals, families and communities.

Connecting the Gurkha community

BFBS provides cultural and contemporary entertainment to the Gurkha community.

Providing cultural and contemporary entertainment

With a 200-year history of supporting the British Army, the Brigade of Gurkhas is based in the UK and continues to serve around the world.

BFBS Gurkha is dedicated to this huge Nepali community, recognising their unique culture and heritage. All Nepali news comes from the BFBS newsroom in Kathmandu, and there are also BFBS Gurkha studios in Brunei and Shorncliffe, UK.

Between these three centres, BFBS Gurkha Radio broadcasts 24 hours a day, providing cultural and contemporary music along with entertainment, news and current affairs in the Nepalese language.