Collage of images depicting BFBS through the years.

80 years
1943 to 2023

80 Years of BFBS 1943-2023

For 80 years BFBS has been entertaining, informing, connecting, and championing the British armed forces community.  

It has always been agile and pioneering, meeting the needs of the military on land and at sea. Technical and social changes, the ever-evolving landscape of Defence, and creative and inventive colleagues have shaped BFBS into the global multimedia organisation it is today.  

BFBS is a key partner to Defence and continues to stand alongside and serve our armed forces and their families wherever they are based.  

BFBS: Innovating for 80 Years

80 Years of BFBS: The story of innovation

BFBS Radio Locations Over 80 Years


Innovation Milestones

Map of western Europe.

1982: Microwave Television – a Live Link with Home

Close up photograph of a singer performing in front of a crowd.

2007: Decompression – Entertainment to Support Troops Leaving Theatre 

Two serving personnel viewing the BFBS TV Player on a device.

2016: A Digital Turning Point – the BFBS MiPlayer

Silhouette of a tank.

2022: Strategic Communications and Information Warfare

In 80 years, BFBS has grown from a single voice in Algiers into a pioneering military charity and media organisation that supports the armed forces community.

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