2016: A Digital Turning Point – the BFBS MiPlayer

Personnel from HMS Tamar watching the BFBS MiPlayer.

BFBS MiPlayer enabled crews on HMS Tamar to enjoy the World Cup.


The year is now 2016 and internet streaming of TV and radio is available worldwide.  

Netflix has evolved to a fully online streaming service, with similar offerings being released from the likes of Amazon and the BBC. And BFBS also has an online streaming service – BFBS TV Player – offering a wide range of TV channels from the UK and Nepal. 

However, streaming services are only available to users who have a high-speed internet connection and so the Armed Forces deployed across the world and on ships often cannot access them. 

Once again, when faced with a technical problem, BFBS stepped up and met the challenge head on by designing a bespoke, innovative and reliable solution to respond to the Armed Forces’ often complex and unique needs. 

BFBS's solution? MiPlayer.  

The unique platform delivers an internet media experience without requiring the internet and its users having to go online and use their data. 

MiPlayer users can access all the traditional BFBS services such as TV and radio on their personal devices with additional features such as catch-up and on demand content, and includes digital newspapers and magazines.

BFBS saw that, just like their civilian families and friends at home, the armed forces community deserves access to the content they want, when they want it and on their preferred devices.

Two serving personnel viewing the BFBS TV Player on a device.

Digital newspapers and magazines are also available on the BFBS MiPlayer.

Today, thousands of people deployed worldwide are using MiPlayer. It is used by virtually all of the Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships and is in operational and permanent military locations such as Estonia, Poland, Bahrain, the Falkland Islands, Somalia and Oman, to name a few. 

With decades of experience supporting broadcast and communication in some of the harshest environments in the world, BFBS possesses an exceptional understanding of remote regions.   

BFBS Media Innovation  is the team within BFBS which creates leading-edge solutions that enable or enhance broadcast and communications in some of the hardest to reach places in the world. 

Unlike many other broadcasters, we already have the technology in place to reach isolated communities after disasters like the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, and no two installations are the same.  

Our team's dedication to deliver solutions in extreme environments is unrivalled; transporting our kit on foot for miles is one such example. 

The MiPlayer platform is an example of a solution BFBS specifically developed to deliver media to remote locations where internet and mobile phone services are poor or unavailable due to lack of connectivity and infrastructure.

Today, MiPlayer is a platform in many guises and continues to be developed to take advantage of new technical innovations such as Low Earth Orbit satellites, to solve new challenges, and further satisfy the demands of users.