The BFBS Welfare Fund


BFBS Welfare Grants provide support and welfare for our armed forces wherever they are and wherever they are deployed around the world. These are totally separate to the grants awarded by the BFBS Big Salute.

Grants cover a very wide range of projects, including: equipment for families to keep in touch with loved ones on ops; welfare centres and children's play areas on bases; expeditions and adventurous training, and television and audio equipment on ships and submarines.


Applications from personnel serving on, preparing for, or returning from operations, or living in isolated or arduous conditions will be prioritised.

Grants are also awarded to support other requirements which contribute to operational effectiveness by enhancing morale – such as sponsorship of adventurous training and tri-service sport – if the request is accompanied by a letter of approval from the appropriate Service Adventure Training authority or the Combined Services Sports Board.


1. BFBS Welfare Grants will finance amenities, activities and projects which are not generally eligible for public funds.

2. BFBS Welfare Grants will generally be used to provide capital for amenities, activities and projects which have the support and commitment of the chain of command. Only in exceptional circumstances will funds be provided for running costs.

3. The ownership and administration of the amenities, activities and projects supported by a BFBS Welfare Grant will generally be the responsibility of the parent Command or Unit.


Applications should be made direct to BFBS through your parent Command headquarters: PJHQ (for operational deployments), Fleet, Land and Air (for all others) and  then forwarded – with recommendations and any additional comments to [email protected].

Content of applications

Requests for grants are to be submitted on headed paper and include the following:

  • An explanation of the project or activity required and justification for provision.
  • Any possible Unit contribution, total cost and the amount sought from the BFBS Welfare Fund.
  • Statement of other possible sources of non-public funds available for the applicant and any contribution to be made from other non-public funds.
  • Numbers of personnel, to benefit directly from the project or activity (excluding dependants except when accompanying the beneficiaries). Please indicate if personnel are Army, Navy or RAF.
  • Confirmation that the project or activity sought is not an appropriate charge to public funds.
  • Confirmation that the applicant has fully assessed and can meet any future maintenance costs.
  • To whom the cheque should be made payable if the grant is approved or provide bank details where appropriate.
  • The name and contact number/email of the Project Officer to whom queries may be addressed.

Please note: The BFBS Trustees will not reimburse an application for any costs incurred in anticipation of BFBS’ approval.

Acknowledgement of grants

Letters of acknowledgement and/or photographs of grants received should be sent to: Welfare Fund , BFBS, Chalfont Grove, Narcot Lane, Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire SL9 8TN. BFBS and their auditors will use these letters as official confirmation that the grants have benefited those for whom they are intended.

Coverage of grant on BFBS' platforms

Applicants may be asked to provide photographs, video and copy about the amenity or adventurous training that has been funded by a BFBS Welfare Grant for the BFBS website and social media platforms.

Record of grants

Where at all feasible, all items or facilities funded by BFBS are to be labelled or fitted with a plaque by the parent unit, acknowledging BFBS’ involvement – we will provide labels for small items. A permanent record of items should be kept on miscellaneous stores account to enable the items to be used in the future.

Transfer or disposal of BFBS-funded items

If a unit cannot use an item provided by a BFBS Welfare Grant the Trustees prefer that it is transferred to another unit or, as a last resort, is sold. If sold, an appropriate proportion of the proceeds should be returned, by cheque, made payable to 'BFBS’ ' via Command HQ.


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