Nicky Ness

Director, Broadcasting and Entertainment

Nicky Ness

From an armed forces family, Nicky was a consumer of BFBS services for several years before she joined the organisation. 

With a multi-media degree, she started her BFBS broadcasting career as a radio reporter and then producer, presenter, programme director and overseas radio station manager. Now with 30 years’ experience, she leads a team of 100+ people to deliver content-rich services across radio and audio, television, live events and cinema. With a deep understanding of her audiences and the content that excites them, Nicky has also been behind numerous new commissions and media partnerships to deliver new and innovative material to them.

Nicky is a staunch advocate of transformation, encouraging content creators and curators to embrace new opportunities to connect with their audiences. 

She is a Fellow of the UK Radio Academy and a regular on judging panels for national and international broadcast and event award schemes.