Mikaela Harley

Mikaela Harley - Acting head of Communications

What is your role at BFBS?

Acting Head of Communications

What brought you to BFBS?

My early career was in publishing, but I first met the BFBS team in Hohne while working with the Desert Rats in HQ 7th Armoured Brigade. Following a move to Paderborn, I became a BFBS reporter and now work in the Comms Team.

Describe a typical working day

Campaign planning, liaising with the MoD, amplifying stakeholders’ messages and stories, delivering briefings, commissioning assets, editing, communicating our services to deploying units, CRM planning… and more… it’s an extremely varied role!

What's your favourite thing about life at BFBS?

We serve those who serve, which inspires a work ethic that goes above and beyond wherever possible.

What's it like working with the armed forces?

Military life is an ever-changing landscape influenced by global events. Add the most inspiring personnel and families into the mix and the result is a fascinating and rewarding field of work.   

What are your interests outside work?

After completing my MA in Historic Interiors and Decorative Arts a few years ago, I’m currently researching several nineteenth-century figures. You’ll also find me running with my beautiful dog and practising yoga (but not at the same time). Namaste.