Matthew Greenwood

Matthew Greenwood

What is your role at BFBS?

Content Operations Manager.

I look after the TV Playout and a team of five. As a team we are responsible for the acquisition and transmission of all the forces television material around the world. We are also responsible for the DVD service that serves those who cannot obtain television via satellite or IP.

What brought you to BFBS?

I previously worked for Arqiva who had the contract for supplying operators and equipment to BFBS. Five years ago BFBS decided to take that in-house and I was happily TUPE’d across. I have always agreed with what BFBS stands for and have a genuine interest in the service they provide.

Describe a typical working day

Anything can happen! I either work an office day or cover a shift, so it can start from as early as 08:00 and finish as late as 23:00 depending on the shift, and some sporting events can easily go into the small hours.

I am generally situated in and around Playout with the monitoring and technical equipment required.

I spend the majority of my day reviewing clips, moving media and answering emails.

What’s it like working with the armed forces?

Rewarding knowing that we make a difference. We have had serving personnel chat to us about their experiences and how we make a real impact on their overseas life.

What are your interests outside work?

I enjoy the outdoors and have a keen interest in wakeboarding, cycling and skiing.