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Live Events case study – simultaneous shows for Op CABRIT


Why do one show, when you can do two? With requests from Op CABRIT for Estonia and Poland over the same weekend, we did just that!

The Challenge

To raise morale for troops on Op CABRIT in Estonia and Poland for varying audience sizes and nationalities. Delivery was funded by the CSE Beneficiary Fund and was designed to bring everyone together, give them a shared experience in a safe place and improve wellbeing.

Personnel in Estonia were coming to the end of an 8 month tour and needed some proper down time, alongside an opportunity to build relationships with their French counterparts. Personnel in Poland were also coming to the end of their operational tour.

The Solution

We decided against taking one team to visit both locations in a combined tour as the difference in audience was significant. Instead we produced two separate shows with separate casts simultaneously, in order to bespoke the content to suit each environment and the units serving.

  • Estonia: this was one of our larger operational shows at Tapa Army Base to 800 troops. We produced a slick show with headline band The Altitudes, compere John Fothergill, comedian Adam Bloom, plus production which transformed the welfare tent into a banger of a gig.
  • Poland: this small but perfectly formed unit enjoyed a night of music and comedy in the Bemowo Piskie Training Area. Given there were only 100 troops we scaled down the format accordingly with two comedians and an acoustic music duo.

The Outcome

The atmosphere at both events were testament to how well they were received, and we’ve already been asked to plan our next Op CABRIT shows.

Estonia 2
Estonia crowd