Kim Nguyen

Kim Nguyen

What is your role at BFBS?

Curriculum Manager, BFBS Academy 

I’m the Curriculum Manager for BFBS Academy, where I review the courses we offer and have recently developed our Production Managers Course. As there is a skills shortage, this course is for adult veterans who want to work as production managers/coordinators in creative media production.

What brought you to BFBS?

I was introduced by a colleague, and the prospect sparked my curiosity. I also wanted to be a member of an organisation that would allow me to enhance my skills in education and the broadcasting industry. As a Vietnamese British, I’m interested in learning more about the British Forces.

Describe a typical working day

There is no typical day at BFBS, but my workday consists of delivering the Production Management course. I've been concentrating on educational aspects such as developing a scheme of work, writing briefs, talking to  industry contacts, researching resources, and much more.

In terms of my team, I check in and assist them with any challenges they may be experiencing, as well as providing an overview of what is appropriate for the BFBS Academy. I've been learning every day since I started here, and I'm grateful for it.


What is it like working with the Armed Forces?

Working with the Armed Forces has given me the opportunity to appreciate who they are the stories they will always have to tell.  They are incredibly skilled individuals.

What are your interests outside work?

In my spare time, I work as a freelancer in the media industry, specialising in production.  I recently received my MA in Digital Media, Culture and Education - as a media lecturer, it's critical for me to read and keep up to date on current educational shifts in the UK.