The Big Salute - Grant applications

Terms & conditions

The BFBS Big Salute raises money to benefit members of the armed forces community and their families. Monies are raised and donated through activities undertaken by our audiences as well as BFBS staff. 100% of all money raised for the BFBS Big Salute goes into the fund—running costs are not deducted.

Proceeds from the previous year’s fundraising activities pay for grants for specific projects which fulfil the following criteria:

  • Beneficiaries of BFBS Big Salute grants must be related to one of the armed services ( either regular, reservist, veteran or family member.
  • The project does not further segment or narrow prospective beneficiaries by rank, unit or affiliation.
  • Ordinarily, grants will only be awarded to registered charities whose records are up to date and accessible via the charities commission website.
  • Grants are not a substitute for activity that is ordinarily publicly funded.
  • Grants are capped at £10,000 per award.
  • Grants will not be awarded to pay for staff salaries or training.
  • That there is a tangible benefit from the specific project for which the grant has been requested, it is realised within a reasonable timescale and the benefit can be measured in some way.

Grant recipients agree to:

  • The BFBS Big Salute following and promoting the achievements of the project on BFBS’s media platforms. This will assist the messaging for the project and help to inform future BFBS Big Salute fundraising initiatives.
  • Provide regular updates to the BFBS Big Salute Grant Committee, detailing the progress of the project.

If the grant recipient is unable to deliver or complete the project, the BFBS Big Salute Grant Committee must be notified and the grant must be returned.

A charity may submit one application in each financial year (April–March).

How are grant applications processed and awarded?

A committee of BFBS staff who have been directly involved in raising funds for the BFBS Big Salute meet once a year to apportion monies. They consider all applications on merit, impact and measurable outcomes and make the awards accordingly. The committees’ decision is final.

Feedback is available for unsuccessful applicants.

To apply for a grant click here to request the application form.