Akylah Rodriguez

Akylah Rodrigez

Akylah Rodrigez Headshot

What is your role at BFBS?

Presenter/Producer – Currently based at BFBS Cyprus broadcasting on the Breakfast Show

What brought you to BFBS?

I saw an ad for the position and was excited by the opportunity to learn from the years of experience they had plus the adventure of potentially working abroad seem liked fun.

Describe a typical working day?

I start the day preparing for the show, finding stories and creating content. Once the show is over I work with the team to create videos, podcasts, report on stories and observe life on a military base.

What are your interests outside work?

I love food. I wish I could say I can cook but I’m definitely still in the learning phase! Eating it, however, I’m all over that. I’ve recently started running, I hope to run my first 5k soon, I also love to dance, and I’m looking forward to classes being open again.